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Change4Life targets the “impactables” - plan members diagnosed with (or at risk of developing) chronic diseases that can be impacted by behaviour change.

  • A health risk assessment (HRA)
  • A personal health score based on HRA answers
  • Recommended health education modules
  • Health and physical activity trackers
  • Medication and health reminders
  • “Wearables” (e.g. Fitbits) synced to portal account
  • Points and rewards for participation


Backed by the rewards on the Change4Life portal, we have a well-balanced approach to health management. The common theme? Nudging plan members toward better health.

The "Do’s and Don’ts". Chronic disease education.

Health behaviour change isn’t easy, but our simple, impactful infographics on specific disease states bring real value to plan members diagnosed with (or at risk of developing) a chronic disease.

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Tackling medication adherence. Drugs only work if plan members take them…

The numbers don’t lie. GSC data shows between 40% and 60% of plan members are not properly taking their medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and depression.

Enter “Stick2It” – a voluntary medication adherence program for plan members, available via our Change4Life health portal.

Teaming up with health providers.

We’ve done the studies – success rates improve when the right drugs are combined with support from a pharmacist. So we created a Pharmacist Health Coaching service, provided across Canada.

Pharmacists offer guidance and support to help plan members achieve target blood pressure and cholesterol measurements, improve adherence to cardiovascular drug therapy, and adopt healthier lifestyle behaviours.

GSC’s Smoking Cessation Program offers both smoking cessation drugs and counselling provided by pharmacists. And the Dietitian Health Coaching program focuses on making healthier food and nutrition choices with the help of a registered dietitian.  

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Taking the stress out of navigating the health care system.

When facing a serious medical issue, sometimes navigating the healthcare system can seem overwhelming. GSC has an answer for that. We offer HealthCare 365, a service that provides virtual patient care management for plan members and their families.

HealthCare 365 makes all the connections they need – including information gathering, appointment reminders, referrals, follow-ups, outreach, and advocacy – all easily accessible in one electronic medical profile.

Tackling mental health with mindfulness

GSC’s mindfulness program is the industry’s first preventive, digital mental-health support program. Aimed at helping plan members manage their mental wellness as part of their overall health, the mindfulness program is available to every GSC plan member via the Change4Life health management portal – at no cost.

Developed with the support of a renowned registered clinical psychologist using scientifically-proven research, the mindfulness program is based on the growing body of evidence demonstrating the real impact preventive strategies can have on mental health.


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Paving the way for the future of health care with digital health innovations

At GSC, we’re committed to making quality, evidence-based programs more broadly available (and at a lower cost) by leveraging technology.

Maple’s model of health care delivery helps with the sustainability of our health system by preventing unnecessary trips to the emergency department or walk-in clinics, saving precious public system resources for those who need them the most. Through Maple's website or mobile app, patients can consult with a doctor for diagnosis, treatment, and advice, right from their smartphone or computer. This means they will no longer wait in a walk-in clinic or the emergency department for simple medical issues, to get a doctor’s note, or renew a medication they have been taking for years.

Offering a competitive and innovative benefits plan can help to prevent absences, turnover, and help to improve productivity for plan members. An engaged, healthy, and happy workforce has broad sweeping impacts on competitive success. With only nine per cent of Canadian companies offering telemedicine to date, adding sponsor-paid coverage is a great way to differentiate and enhance your plan.

Contact your account team to request a quote to add Maple telemedicine to your benefits plan coverage.

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With our health hub, it has never been easier for plan members to take charge of their health (and for plan sponsors to promote a healthier workforce).

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Teaming up with health providers.

We’ve done the studies – health outcomes improve for a number of disease states when you get support from your health care providers in the form of counselling. So we created several health coaching programs for our plan members that are available across Canada. Check it out