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YOUR PLAN MEMBER TOOLKIT. Get the most out of your plan.

Turn off Netflix, this section is a 'must-read' for all GSC plan members. Check out the following for some hints that will enhance your GSC benefits plan experience.


GSC’s self-service tools are quick, convenient and easy. All you need is your unique GSC ID number (ending in 00) and an e-mail address.


Download our free mobile app GSC on the Go®! There’s no need to re-register - simply use your log in details for Online Services.


Now that you’re signed up for Online Services, you’ll want to sign up for direct deposit. Trust us, you'll love it.


The Change4Life® portal helps you take small steps towards better health, earn points in the process, then use those points to win rewards!


Now that you’ve set yourself up to get the most out of your benefits plan, here are a few other items you’ll want to know about:

Your GSC benefits plan is hassle-free.

We have an extensive network of health care professionals who invoice us directly. This means that claim submission can be done for you – no claim forms and no mailing costs. All you have to do is ask your health care professionals to submit your claims directly to GSC.

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Keep up-to-date

If any of your personal information changes due to a life event (e.g. new last name, different mailing address, new addition to your family), be sure to contact your plan administrator (if you don’t know who this is, ask someone in charge).

Do you suspect fraud? Call our TIPS Hotline.

If you suspect someone is playing fast and loose with your benefit plan, report your concerns anonymously at 1.800.265.5615 ext. 6921 or call 1.888.711.1119 and ask for our confidential TIPS Hotline.

We try to keep your plan healthy… so should you.

Health and dental benefits coverage is vital to your overall health, and can be an important part of your overall compensation package. The cost of providing these benefits continues to rise each year. You can help to control these costs by being a more informed consumer. Listed below are some helpful hints to keep in mind when receiving health care services.

  • Protect your GSC ID number – never sign a blank claim form. You should always verify what you are signing and only sign a claim form on the date that the service/product is received or picked up.
  • Accept only those services and products that you need and will use. Don’t fill a prescription if you don’t intend to take the medication.
  • Read your Explanation of Benefits statement like you would your credit card statement – question services or products you don’t recognize. If your provider submits your claim directly to GSC, then you won’t receive a claim statement from us. Visit ‘Claims Information’ via GSC’s Plan Member Online Services for a look at claims billed on your behalf.
  • Complete the claim audit questionnaires when you get them. These help us protect all of our plan members and their benefit plans from abuse, misuse and overuse.
  • Sign the ‘Release of Information Authorization Form’ when requested. This gives us permission to review your claims information to make sure claims are appropriately and properly submitted on your behalf.
  • Always ask how much is being billed to your benefit plan.
  • Make sure your health care practitioners are licensed with the appropriate regulatory agency or association.
  • Watch out for providers requesting a list of your covered benefits and the plan maximums.