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Making changes is hard. Why go it alone? GSC health coaching can help.

Delivered in partnership with trusted health professionals, our health coaching programs support your efforts to prevent and manage chronic conditions.


Cardiovascular Health Coaching program.

This program offers support and coaching provided by pharmacists to help you manage your blood pressure and cholesterol, and to improve your overall cardiovascular health.

Are you eligible for GSC's Cardiovascular Health Coaching program?

The program is available to plan members and eligible dependents (spouses and children) who have been diagnosed with both hypertension and elevated cholesterol and who:

  • Have GSC drug benefit coverage,
  • Are under 65 years of age, and
  • Are taking at least one drug to treat hypertension and one drug to treat high cholesterol.


Cardiovascular Health Coaching can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle

This innovative program focuses on nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, medication adherence, and personal health monitoring. Over four sessions – an initial assessment and three follow-up sessions – you and your pharmacist will work one-on-one to:

  • Review and optimize your medications to improve cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Establish goals that will have a positive effect on your overall health
  • Assess your “heart age” relative to your actual age (to determine your risk of a heart attack and stroke)
  • At each follow up, the pharmacist will help you assess your progress and modify your plan as necessary


Covered by your plan

Depending on your benefits plan design, your drug plan may fully reimburse the Cardiovascular Health Coaching program with no out-of-pocket costs to you. This is a value of $120 per year.

Ask your pharmacist about the program

To find out whether your pharmacy is offering the service, simply ask your community pharmacist about GSC’s Cardiovascular Health Coaching program.

If your pharmacist isn’t currently offering the program, invite them to contact GSC to learn more about it and how to become a certified cardiovascular health coach. 

Telephone coaching is also available

You can also receive the service at home by contacting the North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NWTS)* dedicated phone line at 1-844-70-COACH (1-844-702-6224) or by emailing a request to participate to A certified pharmacist health coach will respond to your inquiry to arrange a convenient time for your first appointment.

 * Services are provided by North West Telepharmacy Solution’s ( trained and licensed pharmacists. North West Telepharmacy Solutions is an independent provider of pharmacy services and is not affiliated with GSC.

What’s in it for you?

Before we forget…as if improving your health wasn’t enough, we’ll also reward you Change4Life* bonus points for participating in the program**:

  • Initial appointment = 1000 Points
  • First follow-up session = 500 Points
  • Second follow-up session = 500 Points
  • Final session = 1000 Points

If you haven’t already heard, GSC’s Change4Life® is an online health management portal with features and tools that make it easier to take steps towards better health.

*The Change4Life portal is available ONLY for plan members – not dependent children or spouses.

** Following the completion of each appointment with a pharmacist, a letter containing details on how to redeem your bonus points will automatically be mailed to you.  

Make your health your priority

Cardiovascular disease is very common in Canada and is one of the leading causes of death. GSC has developed Cardiovascular Health Coaching to empower you to take ownership and responsibility for your health.

If you’re eligible for Cardiovascular Health Coaching, we strongly encourage you to go ahead and participate. You’ll be taking a big step towards improving your health and reducing your risk for heart attack and stroke. And your pharmacist will be there to help you along your journey.


Smoking Cessation Health Coaching.

GSC’s Smoking Cessation program offers both smoking cessation drugs and counselling provided by a specially trained pharmacist. You can try to quit with just the medications, just the counselling, or both. Your choice.

Do you want to stop smoking but are finding it a challenge?

Although you have the best intentions, research indicates that most smokers make multiple quit attempts before successfully becoming a non-smoker. It is also well documented that the deal breaker – that makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful quit attempt – is a supportive environment.

The GSC Smoking Cessation Program is based on numerous studies that show improved success rates when programs offer choice and flexibility. Our program offers both smoking cessation drugs and support in the form of counselling provided by a specially trained pharmacist. You can try just the drugs, just the counselling, or both. Your choice.


Are you eligible for GSC’s Smoking Cessation program ?

 The program is available to all GSC plan members and dependents who want to quit smoking and are:

  • Covered for GSC drug benefits
  • 18 or over for smoking cessation drugs and 16 or over for the counselling services
  • A resident of Alberta or Saskatchewan accessing smoking cessation drug therapy only. (Counselling is available under the provincial health plans)
  • Not an Ontario resident age 65 or older. (A similar program is available under the provincial health plan)


Ready to quit?
  • If you’re ready to quit smoking, ask your pharmacist about participating in the program. Your pharmacist may also mention the program to you while providing another pharmacy service.
  • Complete a Readiness Assessment questionnaire.
  • Develop your quit smoking plan and establish a quit date at your first consultation meeting with your pharmacist.
  • Discuss whether you want to try a smoking cessation drug. Your pharmacist can tell you about the options available under your plan.
  • Attend seven follow-up sessions with your pharmacist over the next 12 months to discuss your progress. You can meet in person, over the phone, or via some other means of communication – whatever you arrange with your pharmacist is fine with us.


Dietitian Health Coaching.

This program supports you in the prevention and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. Participating dietitians promote and encourage healthier food choices as well as assist with achieving and/or maintaining a healthy weight.