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Pointing you in the right direction. Discounts on your doorstep.

GSC has discount arrangements with select health care providers across Canada. Enter a few details below, and voilà - we’ll provide you with your neighbourhood health care providers who offer exclusive GSC discounts.

Other discounts

BEACON – Digital Therapy

BEACON is an effective, easy-to-access way to receive personalized cognitive behavioural therapy guided by an experienced, regulated, mental health professional. It’s a fully digital program, so your therapy happens anywhere and anytime that’s comfortable for you.

BEACON is available to you and your dependents (age 16 and over). After registering online, you can access BEACON anytime via the web or app using your computer or mobile device.

The BEACON program includes:

  • An in-depth personal assessment, so your treatment can be tailored to your needs.
  • A BEACON therapist who will carefully review the assessment results and get you started. Your BEACON therapist will guide you through your therapy, understanding your needs and ensuring improvement.
  • Unlimited messaging with your personal BEACON therapist for up to 12 weeks and access to online resources for a full year, once the program is complete.

And you can get more out of your BEACON therapy with Insights+. For an additional cost, Insights+ is a pre-therapy psychologist review and includes:

  • Discussing your in-depth personal assessment with a psychologist over the phone.
  • Receiving a clinical diagnosis that you can share with your primary health care provider.

What's the cost?

You have two options to pay for BEACON treatment:

My Resolution Plan My Momentum Plan
BEACON only: one-time payment of $500 BEACON only: four payments for a total of $500
With Insights+: one-time payment of $800 With Insights+: five payments for a total of $800

Your benefits may include BEACON coverage at no cost to you. Or, if your benefits plan includes counselling coverage, you can submit the cost of BEACON for reimbursement, the cost of which is subject to your plan limitations. Check your benefits coverage information to be sure.

 Even if BEACON is not covered under your benefits plan, you’ll get the GSC discounted rate ($500/$800).

Want to learn more or see if BEACON is an option for you? Visit BEACON & take your assessment.

Maple – connect online with a doctor in five minutes or less

Feeling under the weather, but the wait time to see your doctor is too long? Trying to avoid a walk-in clinic or hospital, but dealing with a non-emergency medical issue? Skip the waiting room and talk to a doctor instantly from your phone, tablet, or computer with Maple!

Sounds awesome, but expensive…
It’s not! As a GSC plan member, you, your spouse, and eligible dependents have exclusive discounted rates with Maple.

Price Per Visit Days Time
$43.00 Monday - Friday 7 a.m. to Midnight (local time)
$69.50 Weekends & Holidays 7 a.m. to Midnight (local time)
$87.00 Any day Midnight to 6:59 a.m. (local time)

Maple will automatically apply the discounted fee listed above each time you use the service. Payments can be made by VISA, MasterCard, VisaDebit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. You can submit the cost of a Maple visit through your health care spending account (if available).

How to sign up
You need to register and create an account to speak with a Maple doctor. Registration is free, takes just a minute or two to set up, and is completely confidential. To register you’ll need:

  • Your GSC identification number (on the front of your ID card)
  • Your date of birth

Click here to get started.

After you register, you can sign into your account directly from the Maple app or website to connect with a doctor within minutes.

Discounted pricing and hours of service may be impacted in British Columbia and Quebec where telemedicine services are covered.

Want to learn more about how Maple can help you? Click here.

Phzio Canada – Virtual Physiotherapy

Looking to connect with a registered physiotherapist using a virtual experience? Look no further as one is available to you via Phzio Canada’s Phzio platform. And even better – at a discounted price simply for being a GSC plan member! You qualify for this discount even if your benefits plan doesn’t include physiotherapy coverage. Your treatment begins with a live video call on the Phzio platform with a registered physiotherapist who will complete your evaluation/assessment to determine if a virtual experience is right for you and your medical condition/issue. If you’re a good fit, a customized treatment plan will be created by the physiotherapist who will monitor your progress along the way.

What’s the cost?

As a GSC plan member, you and your eligible dependents have access to exclusive discounted rates of $59.00 for the initial visit and $49.00 for each follow-up visit. Reimbursement is subject to your existing physiotherapy coverage limitations. Check to see if your benefits plan provides coverage for physiotherapy treatment before you book your appointment. You’ll only pay out-of-pocket for the amount not reimbursed by your benefits plan, and you don’t need to submit a claim as everything is taken care of by the physiotherapist as they submit your claim directly to GSC following your virtual visit.

Want to learn if physiotherapy treatment delivered via the Phzio platform is right for you? Visit Phzio Canada and book your assessment.

Wait, there’s more! Along with having access to a discounted rate for virtual physiotherapy treatments, you also have access to a free resource portal that can be used to address and prevent musculoskeletal and ergonomic issues – at no cost to you! Phzio Canada’s MSK360 portal is a self-serve resource that includes videos that demonstrate stretches and best practices, like creating a supportive and ergonomically correct work space.

Click here to access the MSK360 portal today!

Hearing aids

GSC has partnered with Starkey Hearing Technologies, a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art hearing aids, to provide GSC plan members great discounts on selected hearing aids when purchased from a participating provider on our hearing aid provider network. (Yes, even if your plan doesn’t cover hearing aid benefits, you are still eligible for this discount)

Click here to learn more

Vision care

Get the vision care you need at a price you (and your wallet!) will love.

As a GSC plan member, you are eligible to receive a discount on eyewear (Yes, even if your plan doesn’t cover vision benefits). Our network consists of The Bay Optical, and Hakim Optical.

LASIK MD is also one of GSC’s discount partners. You and your dependents (over the age of 18) are eligible to receive:

  • $100 off per eye on Advanced Custom Wavefront
  • Free Vision Enhancement Plan (covers the cost of enhancements for the duration of the plan)

The following conditions apply to the above discounts:

  • Laser vision correction surgery must be performed on both eyes on the same date.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer.
  • GSC plan members, spouses and eligible dependents must mention this offer and present their GSC ID card to LASIK MD when scheduling the surgery.
  • Discounts do not apply to previous surgery or previously scheduled procedures.
  • Proof of employment is required on the day of surgery.
  • The duration of the Vision Enhancement Plan may be different depending on the clinic. Please speak with your clinic prior to surgery.

Visit for more information.

Get 10% off the regular price of contact lenses, prescription eyeglasses, non-prescription eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

To take advantage of this discount, enter the coupon code GSCVISION.

Note: This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer. Valid if purchased on a Canadian website only.


Get a 10% discount on the purchase of contact lenses*; get a 25% discount on the purchase of frames**

*Does not include Everclear or Splash contact lenses

**Does not include Oakley, Rayban, Bolon and Arnette frames

Use discount code ESGRN20

The discount prices include free shipping, free returns, and all glasses include free standard lenses.

Note: This offer can be combined with any pricing offer or sale advertised on the website. However, please note that this offer cannot be combined with another coupon code. Valid if purchased on a Canadian website only.