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Available through your Online Services menu, Change4Life® supports you in achieving better health and winning great rewards.

Ways to get healthy and earn points on Change4Life.

It's simple. You use Change4Life’s tools and resources to take small steps towards better health and earn points in the process. Then you use your points to bid on (and hopefully win!) cool rewards.

To get you started, here are some great ways to earn points:

Complete an online Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Completing your HRA questionnaire allows the Change4Life portal to be customized to you. Your responses to the HRA provide the foundation for what you’ll get next – a personalized health “report card” with an overall health score, as well as a recommended action plan filled with targeted tips, tools and resources that help you take a “small steps” approach to adopting healthier habits.

Sign up to receive Stick2It® medication reminder emails

GSC’s Stick2It medication reminder service helps you remember to take your medication(s) as your doctor and pharmacist want you to…You can set up Stick2It reminders to receive regularly scheduled emails reminding you to take your medication(s) and/or refill your prescriptions. And you get points!

Sign up to receive health reminder emails

Similar to Stick2It, you can stay on track with your health related activities by scheduling health reminder emails for a wide variety of health activities, such as tracking your daily steps, physical activity, diet, blood pressure and many more. And you get points!

Read educational articles on health topics

The health portal’s education modules help you increase your health knowledge. You can read and learn about topics such as diabetes, stress, migraines, and many more. And you get points!

Set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal

The S.M.A.R.T. Goal tool helps you develop a personal health plan – no matter how big or small – and track your progress as you work towards achieving it. Using the S (specific) M (measurable) A (achievable) R (realistic) T (timely) methodology, you will be encouraged to make a personal pledge towards better health. And you get points!

The "Do’s and Don’ts". Chronic disease education just for you

Health behaviour change isn’t easy, but our simple, impactful infographics on specific disease states bring real value to anyone diagnosed with (or at risk of developing) a chronic disease. Check them out today:



High cholesterol



Teaming up with health providers.

We’ve done the studies – health outcomes improve for a number of disease states when you get support from your health care providers in the form of counselling. So we created several health coaching programs for our plan members that are available across Canada. Check it out.

Want a sneak peek?

Get a guided tour of the Change4Life health portal’s cool features and tools. Oh and of course…the rewards.